Gaelic Names That Mean Water

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Sometimes people are looking for a name with a particular meaning. It can be a physical. Here are Irish names sorted by their meanings to make it easier to find the perfect one.. Art, poetry, music · Nobility, leadership · the sea, ocean, water.
Cordelia "Of the sea"; Coventina "Water goddess"; Genevieve "White wave". Gaelic Back to top. Morgayne "Medieval form of Welsh "Morcan" meaning "bright sea"; Muiel "Knows the sea"; Muirgheal "Knows the sea"; Murel "Knows the sea".
Anglicized form of the Scottish surname Dubhghlas, meaning "dark river" from Gaelic dubh "dark" and glais "water, river" (an archaic word related to glas "grey, .
Celtic baby names (a combination of Irish, Welsh, Gaelic, and Scottish names) tend to have a magical, timeless, and musical feel. More modern Celtic names are often unisex—like Morgan and Quinn.. Meaning "peace," Erin is also.
Irvin is a familiar boy name, meaning "fresh, green water.. Hurley: This Irish name means "sea tide.". Brenna: This Gaelic name means "little drop of water."
Search through thousands of Names that mean 'water' – Meaning of Names is the. Irish. Not Rated. Attewater. Male. from the waterside. England. Not Rated.
Irish & Celtic Names and Meanings for Pets, Girls, Boys and Dogs dating back centuries.. Boann – (BOO-an) goddess connected with healing and water. Brenda – from. Ceara – (KE-a-ra) Old Irishname Cera, meaning may be “bright red.